Hyalurodinase is used clinically in the form of sterlile injectables, in oinments and aerosol preparations.  It facilitates the absorbtion in injecting fluids and resorption of exudates.

RNase is used in the preparation of RNA-free DNA as a molecular weight marker and in the investigation of nucleic acid sequence.  RNase is reported to have clinical applications for the inhibition of tumor growth and clinical remission in chronic granulocytic leukaemia.

In addition to the use of Trypsin  in the structural analysis of proteins, for tissue dissociation and tissue culture work, the enzyme is used extensively as an active ingredient is pharmaceutical products. It is a debriding agent for the cleaning of necrotic wounds, ulcers, abscesses, sinuses and fistulas.

In addition to the use of Chymotrypsin in the structural analysis of proteins and the isolation of cells in tissue culture, the enzyme is used extensively as the active ingredient in many pharmaceutical pruducts, such as the ones used for prevention or treatment of inflamatory conditions

DNase may be applied for the limited digestion of DNA in a variety of molecular biology techniques - generation of random 'nicks' in DNA   for nick translation, DNA maping, RNA purification.






Pharmaceutical Enzymes