We offer quality liquid stable reagents from latest liquid chemistry technology, assuring superior stability and performance, in convenient bulk presentations and unlabeled vials.   These reagents offer the convenience of being "ready-to-use" as well as the freedom from water contamination and pipetting errors.

Glucose Oxidase Liquid  /  Trinder, Endpoint

Glycohemoglobin Liquid  /  Cation Exchange Rs

autoHDL Cholesterol  /  Direct-Automated

HDL Cholesterol-PEG  /  Precipitation Reagent

Hemoglobin Liquid  /  Endpoint

Hemoglobin A1c (2 Part)  /  Immunoturbidimetric

B-Hydroxybutyrate Liquid  /  Endpoint

Homocysteine Liquid  /  Enzimatic

Iron - TIBC Liquid  /  Endpoint

Iron - Total Liquid  /  Endpoint

Iron - UIBC Liquid  /  Endpoint

Lactate Liquid  /  Endpoint

Lactate Dehydrogenase Liquid  /  Tris, Kinetic

autoLDL Cholesterol  /  Direct-Automated

Lipase Powder  /  Initial Rate

Lipoptrotein (a) Liquid  /  Immunotubidimetric

Magnesium Liquid  /  Endpoint

Microalbumin Liquid  /  Immunoturbidimetric

Microprotein Liquid  /  Endpoint

Phosphorus Liquid  /  Endpoint

Protein Total Liquid  /  Endpoint

TIBC Direct Liquid  /  Chromazurol B

Triglycerides Liquid  /  Endpoint

Triglycerides Powder  /  Endpoint

Uric Acid Liquid /  Endpoint

Acid Phosphatase Powder / Kinetic

Albumin  Liquid  /  Endpoint

Alkaline Phosphatase  Liquid  /  Endpoint

ALT  Liquid  /  Kinetic

Ammonia  Dry Powder  /  Endpoint

Amylase  Liquid  /  Kinetic

AST  Liquid  /  Kinetic

Bilirubin Direct Liquid  /  Endpoint

Bulirubin Total Liquid  /  Endpoint

BUN Colormetric Liquid  /  Endpoint

BUN Liquid Liquid  /  Initial Rate

Calcium Liquid  - Endpoint

Calcium Arsenazo Liquid  /  Endpoint

Carbon Dioxide Liquid  /  NADH Analog

Cholesterol Liquid  /  Endpoint

Cholesterol Powder  /  Endpoint

CK-MB Powder  /  Endpoint

Creatinine Kinase Liquid  /  Kinetic

Creatinine Liquid  /  Initial Rate

Creatinine Enzimatic Liquid  /  Enzimatic

CRP Liquid  /  Immunoturbidimetric

Fructosamine  Powder  /  Nitroblue Tetraz.

G6PD Powder  /  Kinetic

Y-Glutamil Transferase Liquid  /  KInetic

Glucoe Hexokinase Liquid  /  Endpoint

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